Sierra Snow Play

children making snow angels
children making snow angels

Sierra Snow Play

Sierra Snow Play Areas

Finding for a safe place to enjoy the snow can be a challenge. Sierra Snow Play is a compilation of all the best snow play areas in California's Sierra Nevada, from Donner Summit to Kern County.

children sledding

Click on the snow play area title for an overview map with links to each destination, or go directly to one of the snow play destinations.

Donner Summit Snow Play

Lake Tahoe Snow Play Areas

Ebbetts Pass Snow Play Areas

Sonora Pass Snow Play

Yosemite National Park Snow Play

Shaver Lake Area Snow Play

Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks Snow Play

girl holding a snowball

Kern County Snow Play

Mammoth Lakes Snow Play

  • Scenic Loop - Mammoth Scenic Loop - undeveloped snow play areas along 6-mile road
  • Woolly's Tube Park - part of Mammoth Mountain ski area, groomed slope with lift

Sierra Snow Play Cautions

While a trip to the snow is a wonderful adventure for the whole family, a few words of caution are in order. At the risk of sounding preachy, we call your attention to the following:

  1. Avoid hillsides too close to highways. Pedestrians, especially children, are in danger of being hit by passing cars. Also, parking legally off the highway is often a challenge. Sliding hills that send riders shooting off the edge of the snow and onto the pavement, of course, are obvious poor choices.
  2. Highway Rest Areas are not snow play areas. As tempting as they may be, highway rest areas do not allow snow play. The CHP has been issuing tickets.
  3. Use extra vigilance watching your children. Sliders come down the hill with very little control. Children who stand in the way at the bottom of the hill are in danger of being hit. Most dangerous are wooden toboggans which can cause serious injury.
  4. Leave the snow play area clean. Pick up all your trash, including broken saucers, food containers, and yes, even diapers. Trash left behind by visitors at some snow play areas has become a serious problem in the Sierra.